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At Online Master of Legal Studies, we aim to provide prospective legal studies students and other legal professionals with a comprehensive resource to answer their questions about legal studies programs,law schools, degree programs and careers. 

Degrees and Specializations

There are many different aspects of law to consider studying. When it comes to choosing a degree, you may be faced with a multitude of specializations and different types of degrees. Learn more about how to choose your legal specialization or degree below.

Career Guides

Earning a law or legal studies degree may provide you with career growth in a range of fields. Learn more about some of the potential careers in law and legal studies below.

Tests, Exams and Applications

Future law students are likely required to take an entrance exam before admission and a bar exam if practicing law. Learn more about those exams, the bar association and law school below..

The resources below may support the career growth of paralegals, legal professionals and lawyers. Learn more about support for paralegals, minorities in the legal field and more below.