16 Paralegal Blogs

From career advice to legal news, we’ve curated a list of helpful blogs aimed at legal professionals and prospective students who are interested in becoming a paralegal.

1. ABA Journal 

ABA Journal is the official blog of the American Bar Association. The site aggregates articles and analysis from over 4,000 legal blogs. While it functions as a general hub for law news and features, it is essential for anyone in a legal profession.

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2. AZ Statewide Paralegal

Statewide Paralegal is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. Their blogs share real case studies and provide tips for legal professionals. 

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3. Evidence Prof Blog

Evidence Prof Blog is updated and edited by an associate professor of law at the University of South Carolina School of Law. The blog analyzes actual cases, rulings and findings.

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4. Lawyerist

Lawyerist’s Blog has thousands of posts, pages, resources, product reviews and other resources to help lawyers and other legal professionals manage and support their practice.

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5. Law Dawgs

The Law Dawgs Blog shares legal industry staffing trends, interview and job seeking skills, and other resources about hiring and being hired for legal and paralegal roles. They also focus on interesting industry news and how it intersects with society and technology.

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The Legal Ease Blog offers tips, news and resources to help legal professionals create more productive and enjoyable law practices. There is plenty of good information on how to use social media platforms to boost your career.

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7. New York Special Education Attorney

Skyler Law, a premier NYC firm guiding parents of special needs children through special education, offers a blog sharing news and information for legal and paralegal professionals working with special needs children.

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This One Legal Blog features organization and productivity skills, career advice, court news and wellness advice for legal and paralegal professionals. They also provide information and advice for those in school preparing for paralegal certification.

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9. Paralegal Blog

Paralegal Blog provides advice for advanced legal studies and career options for paralegals. The topics are broad and include credentials, paralegals skills and seminars. 

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10. Paralegal Education Group

Paralegal Education Group’s blog covers a wide range of topics for current, prospective and recently graduated students: how to land a job, tips for exams and details about licensure. All blogs are written by industry professionals who share insights into the paralegal field.

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11. Paralegal Today 

An independent magazine serving the paralegal community, Paralegal Today’s articles offer smart and practical material such as technical information to help you excel at work, profiles of people across the profession, and coverage of national news and trends.

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12. Rocket Matter 

The Rocket Matter blog offers technology tips, productivity practices, career skills and more for legal professionals. They have also launched an investigative reporting unit to cover in-depth stories relevant to the legal career field.

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13. The Estrin Report 

Not your standard paralegal blog, The Estrin Report offers humor, advice and industry news for paralegal professionals of all stripes. This site provides a more approachable source of information for legal professionals.

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14. The Legaco Express for Paralegals 

Bringing the best of paralegal blogging to one place, Legaco aggregates posts and videos from across the internet covering paralegal news, career tips and book reviews.

15. The Record Xchange

The Record Xchange covers career tips and industry news for court reporters, paralegals and entrepreneurs in legal fields.

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16. The Researching Paralegal 

Created by Celia C. Elwell, RP, The Researching Paralegal shares all the references, tools and resources the author uses to broaden her skills and knowledge. The site provides multiple articles that help reinforce preparedness on the job.

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Last updated: February 2021